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How to make Rice Pudding

Cloud and Genesis would both like to have this as a treat, so I thought I would share the recipe here. Cloud and I used to love having this on cold autumn and winter nights, it always fills you up from the inside.

To make this, you’ll need one cup of white, long grain rice, and a pot with three cups of water poured in. Keep the pot on a low heat and let the rice absorb all the water. When its thick, mix in three cups of milk and three or four teaspoons of sugar, depending on how sweet you like it. We always had three spoons, becasue Cloud is sweet enough already. Mix everything up and keep stirring for maybe an hour, until the rice as absorbed all the milk and its nice, thick, and creamy.

You can add whatever toppings you like to a bowl, I like a blob of jam and Cloud likes a sprinkling of chocolate!

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Ziggypasta asked me - “MOMMA STRIFEY-BOO!!! Did Cloudy-boo ever do anything adorable as a little kiddie-boo that made you go “Awww I have the cutest boo in the entire boo world!”? :D”

Hello there Ziggy-boo, haha. Cloud was very adorable when he was little, he still is even though he won’t admit it :D

You should have seen him when he blew bubbles. Real bubbles, with a little wand. He’d try to blow them but the mixture would always make his hands slippy and he could never quite get it. He tried waving it around to make the bubbles, but they would always appear behind him and float away before he could pop them. In the end I would do it for him and he would start bouncing around and squealing and smiling, it was soo cute. He would wobble all over trying to catch them, and sometimes he would just sit and watch them float over his head. We played with them outside because the floor would get all sticky when he played with them in the kitchen and his socks would get stuck to the floor, I was afraid he would fall down. Sometimes, for a treat, we would take the bubbles up to the bath and have an extra bubbly bubble bath.

Oops, I wrote bubble a lot.

He would build pillow forts to hide in when we played hide and seek, but he would usually get a goggle fit whenever I couldn’t see him.

We had a little old lady cat a few years ago called Cupcake. She was very good with Cloud but she could be a little grumbly. Sometimes he would grab her tail and pretend he had a mustache! 

That always made me go “Awwwww”.

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An anonymous person asked - “How are you today Mrs. Strife? :3”

Aww hello there! I’m doing very well today, thank you for asking. It’s nice and sunny out, Nimbus is all fluffed up and purring and I had some ice cream as a treat. The store installed an ice cream machine and it took a few weeks for it to get to going and now that its has, everyone is eating lovely creamy ice cream. With sprinkles, mmm.

That face looks like a kitty. :3 Its sweet!

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Best Vacation Ever

It took a while for me to write this, I kept getting distracted by the interent. Did you know I can get recipes? I just have to write what I’m looking for and click go and I can find all kinds of things!

My vacation with Cloud and Zack was perfect :D We got to go on our early birthday picnic which was lovely, we saw the baby chocobo hatch and they decided to call him Tater Tot! We made lots of cookies for them to bring back for their friends, Cloud made his version of cheese potato soup for me and they spent most of the time exploring the town, climbing the mountain and playing with Nimbus. She and Zack kept meowing at each other, it was very cute. We had lots of food, fish for a change, chicken parmesan, yum. 

Cloud and I got to spend some time together and just talk about silly things, serious things…I really miss having him around all the time but I know that even though the army is hard, he’s happier and more confident than I’ve ever seen him before and that’s all that matters to me.

I love having them here. I love my two boys.

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Cloud and Zack are arriving tomorrow!

I really can’t wait, I love having them here. It’s been really lovely getting to talk to Cloud here and on Twitter but I still miss him, I miss being able to hug him, bake cookies with him and hear his voice…

I hope he enjoys himself while he’s here, he does tend to keep to himself and spend most of his time exploring with Zack. It’s easy to see everything here in a day or two though…I hope they don’t get bored.

We’re going to take Daffodil for a ride and have an early birthday picnic together so I hope he’ll enjoy that!

I’ve got the ingredients to make all his favourite dinners, the house is clean, the sun is shining and we have nice blue skies…

I’m so excited! And it’s going to be lovely to see Zack again, he’s such a sweetie and he makes Cloud so happy.

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I really hate airships.


A lot.  I hate any moving vehicle.

Currently, Zack and I are in Junon waiting to board one of these vomit-inducing things, and here he is innocently eating an egg muffin right next to me while my stomach is doing flips in anticipation.  The smell of it is both good and nauseating at the same time.

In other words, we’re about to head out on our vacation.  I haven’t mentioned it much here on Tumblr, but every year Zack and I head to Costa for a few days, then Gongaga to visit his parents; then we go to Nibelheim to visit my mom, SummerStrife, then it’s back to Costa for a few more days.

We should be boarding soon.

Anyway, I’ve been really busy lately with my duties and preparing for this vacation, so that’s why my responses to asks have been slow.  I have about twenty asks to get through, some of which have been in my box for a while.  I don’t know if I’ll have much time to get through most of these while on vacation, but I’ll try to at least respond to one a day.  Zack warned me that he is going to keep me very busy…

Well…wish me luck.  No amount of ginger, anti-nausea pills or hoping helps me with my motion sickness.

Try and get Zack to share his muffin with you Bubble, its good to have something in your stomach before you get ready to fly off in case you do get sick, its better than having an empty stomach. Maybe you could nap and try and block out all the waving and rocking, or find some hard candy to suck on so your ears won’t pop.

Take care of yourself baby, it’ll be over soon and then you can start having fun! Make sure you bring the sunshine from Costa here alright? x

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An Anonymous person asked me - “what do you think of clouds friends on twitter?”

I like all of Clouds friends :D

I’ve met some really lovely people on Twitter and some of them I’ve already kown about from the letters Cloud sends home, like Zack, Genesis and Angeal.

I’ve met a Turk named Cissnei who has a lovely taste in music and poetry. She’s very driven and whenever someone points out a fault in themselves she’s incredibly kind and tells them all the positives that they need to hear.

Zack has a very busy life, he always seems to be on one mission or another, but whenever he gets the chance to talk he’s always his usual silly, adorable self.

I’ve gotten the chance to speak with and get to know Angeal and Genesis and they’re both very interesting people. Genesis seems to like wining people up a lot, haha, but he can be very charming and protective. I’ve only spoken to Angeal a few times about music and plants, he’s really nice. Very easy to talk to.

I’ve only spoken to General Sephiroth once, he said hello to me when I joined and I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, he seems very intimidating whenever he’s on TV so to actualy speak to him was an honor.

Kunsel is one of Cloud and Zack’s best friends, he’s really funny but he has a habit of getting himself in trouble a lot of the time, the poor dear. He posts a fact of the day almost everyday and I love reading those.

Rufus Shinra is there too and I’ve spoken to him a few times about animals and his Guard Hound, Dark Nation he’s very proud of her. He told me he would send me my own to keep the frogs a way from my house!

Tseng is the one (along with Zack) who sent me my lovely laptop, phone and internet thing, so I’m incredibly grateful to him. He always works so hard, I think he he could use a break.

Reeve is a very nice man, we talk about cats a lot. Did you know he has a robot cat to help him around the office? It can talk too!

They’re all the people who work with him, but there are a few people who live in Midgar that he’s friends with too. There’s AnimeDutchess, a lovely girl who is always baking things for Cloud to eat. I owe her so much, I’m always worried that they’re not feeding him enough in Shinra. There’s ZiggyPasta, she’s a very bouncy girl and she has so many funny nicknames for Cloud, she makes me laugh :D She, Dutchy, and Cissnei all had a sleepover with Cloud a while back, they’re so cute. I know _Elyssa_Nicole_ who talks to me about ice cream and food (the important things in life :D )a lot, KyleRyx - a very sweet young man who is a lovely person to talk to, and Boko the Chocobo of course. Well, I’m not sure where he lives, but he is very adorable.

When Cloud was younger it was always hard for him to make friends. Its always hard when you’re shy and everyone else is rushing around being loud and assertive, so I’m really proud to see how popular and loved he is.

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An anonymous person asked me - “Hello Mrs Strife, i love hearing about your kitty Nimbus on Twitter, can she do any tricks?”

Hello there! I’m glad you like hearing about Nimbus, I love having her in my life. Its nice having someone to talk to every day, even if they don’t talk back, but sometimes she meows in the right places.

Well, I’m not sure if its a real trick, but one of my favourite things that she does is purr whenever Cloud and I talk on Twitter. Whenever we start she sits on my lap and purrs non stop until we finish! Its very cute.

She’s very bouncy, she can jump onto the table in the kitchen from there she can get to the fridge. I don’t know why she likes it up there, maybe she wants to know what it would be like to be tall since she’s so tiny.

Whenever she wants to go outside, she sits on my boots until I open the door.

Sometimes she climbs up onto my shoulders and wraps herself around me like a little fluffy scarf.

So she has habits more than tricks, and they’re all fun to watch!

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Ziggypasta asked me - “Did Cloudie-boo have adorable nicknames for animals when he was a kid? Like “bawk-bawk” for chickens and “baa-baas” for sheep? OwO

Yes he did! There was a farm in rocket town and we used to go down there on family trips whenever we needed to restock the inn, that was our job for a while.

Camden was always teaching Cloud new words, but he would always decide on his own way of saying things, haha. Camden would say something like…”Look at the cow, can you say cow? Say cow. Cow”, but of course the cow would start to moo and that seemed to be the sound that Cloud preferred! He called cows “moos”. There was a family of pigs on the farm too and he called those “Iggies” and he would oink at them. There was a dog that the farmer owned who was very sweet, he would always come over and try and lick Clouds face but I was afraid he’d give him too many germs because he used to run around licking all the animals that he wanted to be friends with. He used to call him “Licky” but he’d call other doggies “wuffles”. That was one of my favourites.

We have chocobos in a stable in town, I might have mentioned that before, and Cloud called them “O-bo-bos” when he was very small. I think he was always a little afraid of chocobos. He got to ride around on Daffodil for the first time on his fifth birthday and Camden stayed beside him the whole time…I was really proud of him that day. I know its such a small thing to be proud of but it meant a lot to me.

Oh, I almost forgot, he’d call bumble bees “buzzy buzz buzzes” or “bumblewuwbles” depending on how fluffy they were!

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